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Loliday 2009, Shreveport, LA

Since there are not many lolis in this area me and korinniimura decided to have a nice picnic by the riverfront. (thanks to my future hubby for taking the pics. ^_^)
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LA 1 post

Ok, so since moving to LA, I decided to start posting so that those who care will know how I'm doing (since i hate phones...) So, I will be doing updates everynow and then.

Since moving things have been interesting. For now me and Jer have to stay at his parent's house and most of our clothes and other stuff we dont want in storage is in our tiny little room. Jer is getting annoyed with not having a place of his own so that he can chill and relax without being around his parents. I, on the other hand, is perfectly content with locking myself in our tiny room with a  TV, the Wii, and Rune Factory. Plus im kinda antisocal anyways.    However, we are looking for somewhere to live so this arrangement wont be forever. his parents want to give us something on their property so that 1. we will only have to pay for electricity 2. I will be close to work. Our options are to get a brand new trailer, fix up a trailer they already have, or my fav, fix up this cute little house behind the office. buying the new trailer would be easiest but I really like the house. its only a little 2 bedroom and it had been vancant for about 5 years so there has to be some work to be done  to it. However it holds alot more potintal than the Trailer we were offered to fix up.

We took Rikku and she is getting along very nicely with Jer's family's dogs. Rikku's just about 2 and his parents have a 1 yr old cocker that she has made freinds with. his parents have another dog but she is 14yrs and is the old maid so they just put up with each other.

I start work with his mom in the office monday or tuesday. I will be learning how to handle all of the billing and payments mainly. But eventually I will be able to run the office by myself. Jer is most likely getting transfered to a GameStop here in LA. Monday he has an interview with the DM and if she gives the green light then he can work.

thats ther jist of things going on here. other than lunch dates with his family and teh occational outings we have just been relaxing and getting use to things here. I will keep everyone updated and I miss everyone!!



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